Choosing an Orthodontist: 5 Important Questions to Ask

When it comes to choosing an orthodontist, it’s important to ask the right questions. After all, this is a person who will be helping you improve your smile! At Kottemann Orthodontics, we believe that it’s important for our patients to have all the information they need before making a decision about their orthodontic treatment. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 important questions to ask when choosing an orthodontist.

1. Do you have board certification or have a specialty in orthodontics?

One of the first things you want to check is whether your orthodontist is certified or specialized in orthodontics. You may be inclined to seek orthodontic treatment from your dentist; however, you won’t get the same quality of care. At Kottemann Orthodontics, Dr. William Kottemann, Dr. Kraig Kottemann, Dr. Scott Kottemann and Dr. Alisha Holt are all board-certified orthodontists who have been helping patients in Chaska achieve those shiny smiles they’ve always dreamed of. With three generations of orthodontic experience, you can rely on the specialists at Kottemann Orthodontics to provide you with specialized care for your oral issues.

2. What orthodontic treatments and services do you offer?

When searching for an orthodontist, you want to make sure they provide a comprehensive list of treatments to cover any oral issues you may have. Kottemann Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic services:

  • Traditional metal braces : This is one of the most common and time-efficient orthodontic treatments which involves using metal brackets and wires that gently apply pressure to your teeth to shift them over time.
  • Clear/Ceramic braces: These use ceramic brackets and clear wires to fix your alignment, blending in with the natural color of your teeth for a more discreet look.
  • Invisalign®: Aligners are fairly comfortable to wear and virtually undetectable, working using a series of invisible, removable aligners 22 hours per day. 
  • AcceleDent®: This system includes a special device that helps to speed up the orthodontic treatment process by gently vibrating to move your teeth and bones into place. By wearing this for around 20 minutes per day, you can speed up treatment time by 38-50%!

Finding out that you need a specialist for a complex oral issue can be frustrating. Luckily, our team of skilled oral surgeons also offer orthognathic surgery, orthodontic corrective jaw surgery, and even maxillofacial orthopedics to help you achieve the perfect smile.

3. What can I expect during treatment?

At Kottemann Orthodontics, we provide our patients with a detailed orthodontic treatment plan so they know exactly what to expect. During your consultation, Dr. Kottemann and Dr. Holt will provide you with an outline of your estimated treatment time, the type of orthodontic appliance that will be used, and any additional treatments needed to complete your orthodontic journey. We understand that orthodontic treatments can be intimidating; however, we strive to make sure every patient is comfortable during their appointment and throughout the entire process.

4. Do you offer any payment plans?

Depending on your oral concerns, the orthodontic fees can add up. At Kottemann Orthodontics, we understand this, and we are committed to helping our patients get the orthodontic treatments they need without breaking the bank. We offer a variety of payment plans, including orthodontic financing plans to make the treatments you need more affordable. Call us at one of your offices to inquire about our payment options!

Choosing an Orthodontist: 5 Important Questions to AskStart your smile journey with confidence at Kottemann Orthodontics.

Picking an orthodontist is something you want to really spend your time on. After all, they will be responsible for caring for one of your most precious assets—your smile! With our board-certified orthodontists, extensive specialty surgery services, and convenient financing options, you can trust that we will help you achieve a beautiful smile. Contact Kottemann Orthodontics today to get started with a free consultation!