Dr. Bill Kottemann

Meet "Dr. Bill" Kottemann

A Life-Long Love of Smiles

Dr. Bill Kottemann was born in Iowa City, Iowa, but has lived in Orono for almost forty years. His father was an orthodontist in his hometown and passed his love of the profession down to Dr. Bill.

After attending the University of Iowa, pre-med, Dr. Bill went on to their College of Dentistry after just two years of undergraduate work.

He went on to the University of Minnesota for his orthodontic degree and Master’s degree in 1978. He also became a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics in 1989.

Dr. Bill loves being able to improve the self-esteem and self-confidence of his patients by creating customized smiles for them!

Outside the Office

With a motto of “don’t do, overdo!”, Dr. Bill stays on the go. But, he does try and relax from time to time.

He’s a big fan of the close-knit community of Orono and is particularly fond of summers spent on the lake, boating and enjoying the sunshine.

He enjoys a bit of golf from time to time and is always excited when he’s able to spend time with his wife, sons, and other family members, who are the single biggest source of pride to him.

Dr. Bill is also proud of his work with Hope for Uganda, a non-profit organization that he chairs. This charity raises money for two schools and a medical clinic in Northern Uganda.

As an orthodontist, I’m in the best profession I can imagine. Not only am I able to teach my patients about the importance of orthodontic care, but I also learn a great deal from each patient’s uniqueness. I’m most passionate about seeing the smile on patient’s faces when their orthodontic treatment is completed. My father and my uncle were both orthodontists, so I grew up seeing what a great difference improving a patient’s smile has on both the patient and the doctor. I’m changed daily by the wonderful smiles I see and the interesting patients I meet.– Dr. William Kottemann