Do Dental Check-ups Help Your Orthodontic Treatment?

Some patients believe they no longer need to see their dentist while attending orthodontic appointments with our team at Kottemann Orthodontics. However, your dentist and the dental check-ups they offer are, in fact, excellent resources for your treatment and ensuring your teeth stay healthy. Read on to learn more about the importance of these appointments, how they differ from follow-ups with Dr. Bill, Dr. Kraig, Dr. Scott, or Dr. Alisha, and keeping up with your oral health at home.


The Importance of Dental Check-Ups

Your dentist plays a crucial role in ensuring your orthodontic treatment continues smoothly. When you are working to realign your smile or are undergoing other orthodontic procedures, our team recommends seeing your family dentist twice a year for routine checkups so they can alert you to any issues on the horizon and maintain the general health of your teeth.

What Happens During Check-Ups

Their top priority is to focus on your oral health and provide you with the resources to prevent common complications such as tooth decay and gum disease, provide fillings, polish your teeth, and support the general health of your mouth. 

During your check-in, you can expect a detailed cleaning of your teeth and braces, where they use professional tools to scrape off excess plaque and tartar, capture an updated x-ray for a cavity check, and examine your gums for any signs of disease. These simple yet thorough appointments optimize and refine your level of care, allowing you to focus on what is most important: your brand-new smile.

Risks of Skipping Appointments

Your treatment plan may be delayed when dental issues arise during your smile journey and are left untreated. It may leave you with more complicated care after removing your appliance. In severe cases, your braces may need to be prematurely taken off to deal with complications like gum disease, resulting in you wearing braces for much longer than planned. If you need to get in to see your dentist before your next scheduled visit, contact their offices for more information. 


Attending Your Orthodontic Appointments

Throughout your treatment, Kottemann Orthodontics will schedule follow-up appointments with you every four to six weeks, depending on your chosen appliance and the condition of your teeth. During this time, Dr. Bill, Dr. Kraig, Dr. Scott, or Dr. Alisha focus on the condition of your appliance, monitoring your tooth movement, replacing your elastics, and providing adjustments as needed.

We make sure your treatment plan is going according to schedule and answer any questions you may have about how to care for your appliance, how to deal with appliance-related emergencies, and anything else that comes to mind. These dedicated appointments help you thrive in treatment and are thoughtfully spaced out, so we encourage you to keep to this schedule as best as possible.

A Collaboration for Success

Your dentist and our team of orthodontists work together to help you achieve the best smile possible. Our team can alert your dentist to any updates on your orthodontic treatment that are relevant to their work during routine check-ups and be able to adapt your dental appointment accordingly. 

Similarly, we encourage open communication with your dentist so they can let us know if they have noticed any issues during your check-up appointment so we can address them with you the next time you are in our practice. Our and your dentist’s shared goal is a successful treatment outcome for you!


Do Dental Check-ups Help Your Orthodontic Treatment?

Your Role in Maintaining Oral Health

Stick to a Regular Routine

One of the foundations of maintaining your oral health is creating a regular morning and nightly care routine for your teeth and gums. You hold the power to keep your teeth safe. Consistent brushing and flossing your teeth can drastically lower your chances of tooth decay, excessive plaque buildup, bacteria, and cavities. Doing so can increase the effectiveness and strength of your appliance and teeth. 

Kottemann Orthodontics also recommends rinsing with fluoride mouthwash after brushing and using a tongue scraper to eliminate any excess harmful bacteria, but remember to use the former as a supplement to your routine, not as a replacement. If you would like assistance in learning proper brushing techniques and oral hygiene, our team will happily share more details with you at your upcoming appointment.

Eating Habits

Remember to be conscious of your food choices once you start orthodontic treatment. Patients with crooked teeth have more places for small food particles to hide and fester. Our team will be able to point out specific areas of your teeth to make a point to clean if they are likely to trap leftovers in hidden areas. 

Our team of orthodontists recommends avoiding sticky, crunchy, and hard foods, such as gummies, chips, popcorn, fresh vegetables, and hard cookies. Instead, focus on having meals with braces-safe foods, such as pasta, well-cooked chicken, seafood, soft vegetables, soup, and much more. We can provide you with more information about specific foods as needed.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

Dr. Bill, Dr. Kraig, Dr. Scott, Dr. Alisha, and your dentist will work hard to help you avoid experiencing any emergencies during your treatment. However, we understand sometimes unexpected situations arise that make a wire break, a bracket fall out of place, or your appliance bend. Our team works to prepare you for these situations through education and answering your questions during appointments. We are here to help you manage any situation that comes your way!


Do Dental Check-ups Help Your Orthodontic Treatment?

Protect Your Oral Health Today!

At Kottemann Orthodontics, we are proud to be your resource throughout orthodontic care and work with your dentist throughout your time with us. We put your dental health first and embrace this collaboration to make your treatment successful. We have practices in Chaska, Maple Grove, Orono, and Plymouth and serve the nearby communities with expert orthodontic services. Schedule your free consultation and start your smile journey today!