The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

At Kottemann Orthodontics, we treat every patient like family! Your smile is part of your daily life, and we understand the feeling of trying to hide it from the world. Behind every transformation is a dedicated team of experts who care for you and are here to support your dental health however possible. Let us introduce the talented team behind your straight smile.

Our Outstanding Team of Orthodontists!

Dr. Bill Kottemann

The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

In practice for over 40 years, Dr. Bill’s passion for creating smiles continues! Being able to boost a patient’s self-esteem through personalized care and treatment. Raised in a family of orthodontists before him, he grew up seeing the immediate change that a patient’s smile can have not only on themselves but the doctor as well! 

Dr. Bill continues to be inspired by the ever-changing technology that betters his practice. Technological developments keep him both interested and stimulated, always learning something new that his patients can benefit from.

He earned his orthodontic training from the University of Minnesota. Furthering his passion for the field, he became a board-certified orthodontist and continues to provide high-quality care. Dr. Bill still has a blast every day in the office and is thrilled to have a practice to pass down to his sons, Drs. Kraig and Scott.

Dr. Kraig Kottemann

The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Dr. Kraig grew up around orthodontics, with his father and grandfather being involved in the field, and it was a specialty he grew to love. He believes it is a wonderful position and rewarding job to have the privilege to be in, helping people grow into their smiles and creating genuine relationships with his patients over the years. 

Customer service is Dr. Kraig’s top priority, and he works to make sure our patients leave completely satisfied with their treatment. He believes that your smile is something you take with you everywhere and loves to see patients’ confidence grow as treatment starts taking effect.

He completed his dental and orthodontic training at the University of Arizona School of Dentistry and the University of Minnesota, respectively. Dr. Kraig is proud to be a board-certified orthodontist and confident in the new technologies that continue advancing patient care. He focuses his continuing education on new wires, laser treatment, and more.


Dr. Scott Kottemann

The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Dr. Scott actually began working at Kottemann Orthodontics during high school as a lab technician, working on retainers and other appliances. This confirmed his passion to continue dental training in higher education. Particularly interested in the digital advances orthodontics has taken, he attended the University of Notre Dame and the University of Michigan and graduated both with impressive academic honors.

Moved by the transformations he sees his patients experience each day, Dr. Scott also supports the Smiles Change Lives organization, in which he and other orthodontists provide dental care free of charge to underprivileged children.

Dr. Scott fully believes in the importance of treating his team and patients like family by taking a genuine interest in their lives. With treatment taking sometimes up to two years, he enjoys the opportunity to get to be a positive part of their lives!



Dr. Alisha Holt

The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Dr. Alisha knew she wanted to be an orthodontist the day her braces were removed, looking for the chance to bring others the same confidence she felt following her smile journey. She attended the University of Minnesota for all of her orthodontic training and stays curious as a life-long learner. She recently achieved her board certification and enjoys attending local and national dental meetings to stay up-to-date on the latest research to offer her patients.

She delights in giving back to the community by regularly volunteering for organizations like Gives Kids A Smile, which provides underprivileged kids with free dental care. Dr. Alisha has also gone on trips to Tanzania, Guatemala and other countries to offer her dental skills to those in need. Both in the office and out, these experiences have allowed her a keen eye to spot the individual needs of each patient.

Dr. Alisha values the importance of fostering a relationship with her patients, understanding that the best patient care comes from more than just providing a service. She believes nothing beats the feeling of seeing a patient get their braces off and sharing in their excitement after the long journey together.


Say Hello to Our Talented Team of Experts!

Treatment Coordinator

Our stellar treatment coordinators, Lan, Kari, Shannon, Janell, and Geneva, help you every step of the way during your visits at Kottemann Orthodontics. They ensure our patients always have their questions answered and work together with our orthodontists to determine the best plan of action going forward.

Patient Coordinator

Jo, Samantha, Sara, and Lisa all work as our wonderful patient coordinators, some of the first faces you will see on your first visit! They help us onboard new patients and act as an advocate to help figure out your financial plan, making sure you have all the details you need.

Dental Assistant

Led by Lan, our clinical lead, this talented team of dental assistants Kimberly, Molli, Kari, Tiffany, Christy, Nicole, Shannon, Ashley, Christine, Geneva, and Kristen, keep our offices running. Working side by side with our orthodontists, they make sure you are prepped for your appointment once you arrive and gather everything needed to continue your treatment plan each visit.

Director of Finance

Gaye is our expert in all things finance. She helps us continue to grow our practice while still guaranteeing we can give you the best care possible. She is our go-to expert on financial advice when it comes to either our practice or how we can make your treatment plan more affordable.

Director of Operations

Meaghan manages our day-to-day operations with her multi-tasking skills. She makes sure that everything is running as smoothly and safely as always. Her oversight of the whole team is instrumental in our success. 


The Team Behind Your Straight Smile

Time to Show Your Smile to the World!

After over 60 years in the business of smiles, everyone here at Kottemann Orthodontics lives to change lives. Today is the day to start your orthodontic journey! Contact us at 763-420-6834 to schedule your free consultation with one of our coordinators at our Chaska, Maple Grove, Orono, Plymouth, and Minneapolis office locations today!