When’s The Best Age To Get Braces?

Visualize a sunny morning, your child’s laughter filling the air, and their smile as bright as the day. You can’t help but wonder, “When’s the best age to get braces?” If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place!

At Kottemann Orthodontics, we’re no strangers to this idea. It’s the million-dollar question in the world of orthodontics! And we’re more than happy to share our insights with you.

Our resident orthodontic aficionados, Dr. William, Dr. Kraig, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Alisha, are not just experts at crafting perfect smiles but also parents. We understand your concerns, hopes, and dreams for your child’s smile. And we’re ready to guide you through this exciting chapter. You can find us in Chaska, Maple Grove, Orono, and Plymouth for more info!

Decoding The Orthodontic Puzzle

We get it; you’re spinning multiple plates, and making sense of orthodontics might feel like deciphering hieroglyphics. But don’t fret; we’re here to demystify it!

Orthodontics, in simple terms, is a specialized field of dentistry. Its mission? To align teeth and jaws. It’s all about ensuring your kiddo’s smile is as straight as an arrow. 

The stars of this field? Our orthodontic enthusiasts! And our very own doctors are the main players! Our team is skilled at crafting stunning smiles, and many of our team members have kids like you. So we’re there with you! We’ve spent years mastering the art of orthodontics. We know exactly how to elevate your child’s smile to perfection.

The Ideal Age for Braces

Now, let’s address the big question. You’re likely wondering, “When should my little one see an orthodontist?” According to the American Association of Orthodontists and our doctors, the magic number is seven. Yes, you read that right, seven!

You might think, “But my child still believes in Santa Claus (and his tooth-hunting cousin!); isn’t that too soon?” But here’s the inside scoop: By age seven, your child’s teeth have grown enough for us to spot any early signs of orthodontic issues. It’s like getting a sneak peek into how their smile might evolve.

Our orthodontists can spot minor issues with jaw growth and emerging teeth even before your child loses all their baby teeth. It’s all about staying ahead of the game and ensuring your child’s smile is on the right path!


Wondering, "When's the best age to get braces?" If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. Kotteman Orthodontics is here to help!

The Power Of Early Checks

Now, let’s explore why this early-bird approach is so crucial. Think of it as planting a seed for a giant oak tree. The sooner you nurture it, the better you can influence its growth, right? The same applies to your child’s smile.

An early orthodontic check allows our orthodontic team to spot and spiffy up any minor issues before they become major roadblocks. It’s like catching a tiny weed in your garden before it grows into a big, stubborn plant.

Perhaps your child’s teeth are too cozy in their mouth, or their jaw is growing faster than a beanstalk. Or their teeth are a tad too eager and are sprouting too early. Whatever the case, early checks help us nip these issues in the bud.

And the cherry on top? Early treatment can often sidestep more complex therapies down the line. It’s like taking a shortcut to a dashing, dazzling smile. So, while your child dreams of the Tooth Fairy, we’re working magic to ensure they have a storybook smile!

Breaking Down Braces For Your Kids

The idea of braces might seem scary to your little one. But remember, every superhero has to face a challenge. And we’re here to ensure your child’s braces chapter is more of an adventure than a hurdle.

Start by having a candid chat about what to expect. Let them know braces are like a shield for their teeth, helping them grow straight and strong. Remind them of the end goal – a smile that can outshine the sun!

Make the first appointment a fun day out. Plan a special treat or a trip to their favorite park afterward. Remember to highlight the fun parts of braces, like picking the colors of their bands or brackets. With a positive attitude and a sprinkle of creativity, your child will be ready to embrace their braces chapter with a smile!

Tremendously Exciting Treatment Options

Now, let’s discuss the fun part – the treatment options! At Kottemann Orthodontics, we believe every child is one of a kind, and so should their braces chapter. That’s why we give you a bevy of treatment options, each as unique as your child’s smile.

First, we have our classic metal braces. They’re like the trusty old bicycle – dependable, robust, and perfect for steering your child’s teeth to the right path.

Next, we have clear braces. These are like the Chameleons from the animal kingdom – they blend in with your child’s teeth, making them less noticeable while they work their magic.

Then there’s Invisalign. Picture a superhero suit that’s so sleek and clear it’s almost invisible. That’s Invisalign for you. 

What is Invisalign? At its core, it’s a graduated series of clear, removable aligners. What do they do? Straighten your child’s teeth without anyone noticing. It’s like having a secret weapon for a perfect smile!

Finally, let’s talk about our speediest solution, Accelerated Orthodontics! This isn’t your everyday teeth-straightening process. Accelerated Orthodontics allows your child to zoom towards a confident smile in record time. They’ll use a light, hands-free device called AcceleDent for just 20 minutes a day. It’s easy, it’s pain-free, and it can reduce orthodontic treatment time by up to 50%. Now, that’s something to smile about!

Wondering, "When's the best age to get braces?" If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. Kottemann Orthodontics is here to help!

Top-Notch Braces In Minneapolis

And there you go, parents of Minneapolis! A handy guide to help you navigate the exciting braces chapter with your little ones. Remember, we’re more than just a practice at Kottemann Orthodontics. We’re a family led by Dr. William, Dr. Kraig, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Alisha, committed to crafting smiles that stand the test of time. We offer four convenient locations just a short drive away: Chaska, Maple Grove, Orono, and Plymouth. Schedule a free consultation today, and let us fill your child’s world with a smile that outshines the stars!