Meet your Plymouth Orthodontists

Dr. Bill Kottemann was born in Iowa City, Iowa, but has lived in Orono for nearly 40 years. His father, an orthodontist himself, inspired Dr. Bill to follow in his footsteps. He attended the University of Iowa as a pre-med, before entering their School of Dentistry after only two years of undergraduate work. He attended the University of Minnesota for his orthodontic degree and Master’s degree in 1978. Dr. Bill became a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics in 1989.

Dr. Bill
Dr. Kraig

Dr. Kraig Kottemann has seen first-hand the amazing effects that orthodontic treatment has on the lives of patients throughout his life. Dr. Kraig attended the University of Notre Dame, where he earned a double degree in Biology and Art Studio. He then attended the University of Arizona School of Dentistry for his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, and completed his formal education at the University of Minnesota, receiving his Master of Science degree and Certificate in Orthodontics.

Dr. Scott Kottemann has always been drawn to orthodontics. Before he was even old enough to drive a car, he loved to spend time in the lab making retainers and other orthodontic appliances for the family practice. Dr. Scott graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Notre Dame where he studied Biology before heading to the University of Michigan, where he was inducted into the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society, was chosen to receive a grant to research cell signaling, was elected a council member, and graduated second in his class.

Dr. Scott
Dr. Alisha Holt - Kottemann Orthodontics

Dr. Alisha Holt was born and raised in Burnsville, which is where she had her first exposure to orthodontics with her own treatment. She knew from a young age that the happiness and confidence she received from her own orthodontic treatment was something she wanted to bring to others.

Why an Orthodontist in Plymouth? Orthodontist vs. Dentist

An orthodontist is a dentist, but a dentist is not an Orthodontist. Not every dentist is qualified to be an orthodontist, even though every orthodontist starts as a dentist. Drs. Kottemann and Dr. Holt, like all orthodontists, had to continue their education for 2 or 3 additional years before receiving the necessary license and certification. Dr. Bill Kottemann, Dr. Scott Kottemann, Dr. Kraig Kottemann, and Dr. Alisha Holt have spent years studying nothing but how and why to move teeth, as have all orthodontists. This includes what to do, how to plan, and how to execute the necessary treatment plan for you.


Why does it matter if you see your Plymouth Orthodontist?

Dentists receive basic orthodontic training so they can perform root canals, extract wisdom teeth, and treat young children who do not yet need to see an orthodontist. Specialists, on the other hand, receive additional training to give them the skills needed to deal with more difficult orthodontic problems.

Seeing a specialist like a Plymouth orthodontist may change your braces experience by:

  • Providing more treatment options, with a variety of braces or therapies to choose from
  • Having personal experience treating multiple cases that share your unique concern and anatomical characteristics.
  • More efficient treatment and visits, because it is the office’s focus area of care.
  • Knowing that you’ll receive the best possible outcome on your treatment plan, especially if you have severe bite discrepancies that need to be addressed.
  • Being seen more quickly, as a family dentist will be focused on longer patient cases or emergencies throughout the day.

While some individuals may think it’s easier to have their orthodontic work completed by their dentist, convenience shouldn’t be a barrier to seeing a specialist. You will only be stopping by your Plymouth orthodontic offices every six to eight weeks.

And don’t let price be a problem either! Kottemann Orthodontics is proud to provide affordable treatment in the Plymouth area.

Testimonials from Plymouth orthodontist patients

I am currently a patient and I have to say this ortho is one of the best I have been to. They treat me so well and in just a few appointments I knew everything about the place. Everyone is so kind and let me know what is next in my braces journey. I only have known the place for two years but it feels like I have known them much longer. Morning cookies are always something to look forward to if you come early. The treatment is painful, but there are so many people around who are going through the same thing and honestly soon enough the pain just goes away. I think this is one of the best places to get your teeth treatment done and I hope many more people agree with me. If I could, I would give this place a 10 out of 10 reviews. In the end, if you are looking for a great orthodontics place to go, Kottemann Orthodontics should be the one. - Shaheen

I used to think that my teeth were beyond saving because they are so cavity-prone even with good brushing habits. I was well educated by the Kottemann staff on how important a good bite is for preventing cavities. I know that my teeth wouldn't look like a model's teeth because they are mostly fillings but I had some comfort in knowing the logic behind getting orthodontic treatment. I got my braces off today and my teeth look like a magical miracle! My bite feels great too! I looked forward to my visits because the staff there are all so friendly. Even the assistants that were not working on me stopped by to say hi! Don't even bother looking past Kottemann Orthodontics because it doesn't get better than this!
P.S. Dr. Scott Kottemann is a perfectionist (a good thing) - Evan