The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local Community

If you know much about us, you will know that Kottemann Orthodontics isn’t just a business. Not only are we family-run, but we are proud to have settled down and become a part of our local community here in Minnesota. Over the years we have seen generations of patients come through our doors and receive the quality orthodontic care that they need. We are so proud to continue working to provide our community with the orthodontic care that they need. 

If you are considering what kind of orthodontics to choose, whether to order aligners from an online seller or go to a local business, we can help. There are so many amazing reasons to find the smile of your dreams closer to home, so let us tell you why!

Support a Local Business

When you invest your dollars in a local business, you don’t only support that one business. You are investing in your local economy, and supporting real families that may live next door. You also allow more people in your community to have access to the care they need by helping keep that business open! At Kottemann, we know that we are only here because of the amazing community who support us! Thanks for being a part of this community with us!

Convenient Location

One of the reasons why some people consider doing online orthodontics is because they think the work and effort of going to an office will be too much work. We politely disagree! We have four convenient locations in Chaska, Maple Grove, Orono, and Plymouth, and see patients from all over the surrounding area! 

To us, it’s worth it to take a short trip to visit an office filled with professionals who will take your care seriously, and who can use their expertise to find the healthiest solutions to your orthodontic problems. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when you visit our local office, and you can trust that your treatment will be safe with lasting, beautiful results. 

Get Early, Thorough Interventions

There’s a reason that many dentists and orthodontists, including Drs. William, Kraig, and Scott Kottemann, and Dr. Alicia Holt, recommend for children to have their first visit to the orthodontist at around seven years old. When you go to a local office like Kottemann Orthodontics, they will get to know you and your child, and walk with you through their treatment over the years as necessary. 

Getting early interventions can help mitigate some significant health problems, like potentially missing teeth, bite problems, spacing issues, and more. This is only possible when you are seeing a local orthodontist in person, and they have the opportunity to take x-rays and do thorough testing to understand your unique oral health needs. This can prevent so many big issues from happening later, including preventing cavities and tooth decay, jaw and tooth pain, and more. 

Multiple Treatment Options

Speaking of avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, Kottemann Orthodontics is proud to offer many different types of orthodontic treatments. After a first assessment of your teeth, we will work with you to determine which treatment works best for you. Sometimes we might recommend certain treatments based on your specific needs, but there is usually a more cosmetic approach if someone is concerned about their appearance while undergoing treatment. Learn more about the options we offer at our offices!


Braces are a classic for a reason–they are just so effective at shifting and aligning teeth. Typically, metal braces work fairly efficiently, and work well when paired with other devices, such as palatal expanders or rubber bands. This means that your treatment will go as quickly as possible and provide you with the healthiest results! 

Clear Braces

Clear braces work just like regular braces except they are made from a tooth-colored ceramic that blends in perfectly with your teeth. This means you get all the aligning power of braces with a more discreet, and comfortable look that won’t significantly change your appearance. Adults and older teens often prefer clear braces to metal ones, so be sure to discuss this with one of your Kottemann Orthodontics doctors when you speak to them about your options.


Invisalign aligners have grown in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. These clear retainers are easy, comfortable, and discreet while still working effectively to shift teeth into healthy alignment. We love recommending Invisalign to teens and adults who come to our practice, and then we walk them through each transition along the way. This ensures that their treatment is working effectively and they are keeping up with wearing and cleaning their retainers. Our patients know that just because they have a hands-off form of orthodontics, they will still get the supportive treatment that they deserve!

Focus on Health and Cosmetics

So many people want orthodontic care because they want a gorgeous, aligned smile. But there’s no need to sacrifice the health of your teeth in order to get that! When you order aligners at online retailers, you can’t guarantee that the shifting will be healthy for your teeth, but you will be sure to end up with beautiful and healthy teeth with you go to a local orthodontist! 

The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local CommunityKottemann Orthodontics is Your Care Team!

It’s time to stop putting off getting the smile of your dreams! Come in to visit one of our offices and see how Kottemann Orthodontics can care for you. Don’t miss out on the free consult appointment with one of our doctors, and get to know our team of kind and supportive staff. We can’t wait to see you in the office soon!